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Case Studies

Here’s a Few More

NexGen’s project, Luecadia Boulevard Street Improvements, a public infrastructure roadway project in Encinitas, CA, needed vertical alignment studies. We performed an analysis to determine the feasibility of a roundabout, a traffic analysis, as well as right-of-way research, and community outreach.

On our Apache Trail/I-10 Interchange highway transportation project in Cabazon, CA, NexGen designed and provided project management on a complex double roundabout at an important highway interchange. We prepared the plans, specifications, and estimate for contractors to bid on. This project required coordination with CalTrans and PUC, and a Report of Conceptual Approval.

For NexGen’s highway transportation project in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, on State Route 30 (210), segment 4, 2.3 miles of 6 mixed use lanes were designed and engineered. This design needed a revision of the mainline and the arterial roads. A drainage design and profiles were created for the project.

NexGen was responsible for the Cherokee Point Elementary School 13-acre public school rehabilitation project in San Diego, CA. NexGen provided design services for the playing field layout, demolition plans, gravity sewer and lift station design and the phases of construction. This project required DSA coordination.

With NexGen’s multiple public school projects in the Los Angeles Unified School District in Los Angeles, CA, our responsibility was access for people with disabilities, as well as sanitary sewer, water, and drainage facility design.

At Mojave Vistas in Victorville, CA, a 1,000-unit mixed-use residential master plan development, NexGen performed design services. We set preliminary lots and created the grading design. Mojave Vistas required analyzation of onsite drainage, gravity and septic sanitary sewer, as well as potable and reclaimed water facilities. NexGen provided studies of infrastructure road alignment, and went through permitting with local agencies, too.

On McSweeney Farms in Hemet, CA, a 1,600-unit residential master plan project, NexGen did the design of 6 residential planning areas, an arterial highway design, an infrastructure storm drain, and approximately 1.5 miles of a sanitary sewer system. The sewer system included a pump station and a wastewater treatment plant design.

NexGen provided design services for Corman Leigh 60, a 60-acre residential development and public park in Paris, CA. Services included subdivision design, water quality basin design, and the preparation of water quality management plans. Playing field concepts were prepared, and park grading (20 acres), flood control processing, and ponding/emergency overflow design were finished. Documents were prepared for construction.

NexGen’s work on Butterfield Stage in Riverside, CA, a 21-acre commercial and industrial site, included commercial and retail layouts and parking lot design. Environmental/NPDES permitting was required for this project, as well as an encroachment permit (CalTrans). A floodway analysis was done, as well as a water network/fire flow analysis.

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